Well that it…same as against Columbia. Guess we are asking these boys to dig deep and figure it out!

So what can we do to help?

Is Metallica on hand for the National Anthem tonight? Can we get a full band performance?

Can Mr. Real Soccer Expert lend his jet to these rock legends to get them to parachute into Solider Field  wearing flaming rocket boots? Do you have those bro?

That is what this group needs; so much national pride that they go color blind to anything other than Red,White and Blue.

I have said it once and I will say it 1,000 times. This team…does not feel like a “die for each other” type of team. It’s the island of misfit toys. They need to go through something together.

A comeback win tonight is just what the doctor ordered.

We summon up memories of Donovan because its like putting Calamine Lotion on a poison ivy rash. There was fire in his gut and you felt it. Dempsey has it too and he needs to unleash it like Ryu in Street Fighter (Hadouken!).

Time for the veteran to step up! I don’t expect him to score a lot of goals, I just need him to give me winning goals.

Let’s go boys!


Did you feel that in your loins? You should have and so should USMNT.

Now its time to jump into the cockpit, dig deep and “Call the ball Cougar!”

 Rock Music: Reason # 1,453,400 why U.S.A is the best!