The best and worst of the adidas World Cup 2018 kits

adidas has the kit contract for a ton of countries in the 2018 World Cup, so of course they are going to release a bunch of kits with fancy photography and players modeling. Here’s my take on the best and worst of them.

Best kits

Argentina takes the cake for me. Classic design, but if you get close you see the digital nature to the stripes. Perfect jersey for grandparents with hazy vision or Russian hackers trying to find a way to QR scan Messi’s sternum from above the press box. I’d buy this kit if I was looking to join the Matrix or root for Argentina. Most importantly, the photography screams “can someone help me find SuperCuts?” Well done, adidas, well done.

Spain. You knew Spain’s kit was going to have some flair to it. That zig zagging down the nipples edge and right into your pocket is trying to tell you something. It’s telling you to get up and let your inner freak out to dance with a stranger who smells like Lady Gaga’s meat dress. Also, kudos to adidas design team for giving a nod to the 1994 WC. Let your inhibitions fly in the Mediterranean wind and put this kit in your closet. This kit screams “I GOT LOST ON THE WAY OUT OF THE CLUB, BUT I FOUND THIS SOCCER NET, AND I’M GOING TO BED SORRY”

Germany. The machine looks damn good this year, qualifying for WC18 with basically their B squad, so their kit naturally looks just as menacing and futuristic. It’s a reworked throwback 1990 kit, and it’s the kind of kit you’d wear if you were an accounting firm slash soccer club slash architect. This kit definitely screams “WE’RE HERE TO BEAT YOU SENSELESS AND THEN SIT ON STAIRS AND THINK ABOUT THE MEANING OF LIFE AND ECONOMICS.”

Worst kits

Belgium. I’m sorry to Danny and all the Belgium fans out there, but this just isn’t working for me. Argyle belongs on wedding socks not international jerseys meant to menace your opponents and dazzle your fans. I’ll give them credit for the seal/crest in the middle and the bold red, but let’s be real, this kit screams “Would you like to buy some encyclopedias?”

Mexico. This isn’t terrible, and the colors are on trend with the modern take on the classic Mexico green, but it’s just kind of basic. I needed more from adidas on this, especially considering how passionate their fans are. I wanted more design lines flying in across the chest and out the hip, not just some random green erasure marks hugging the belly like the jolly green giant reaching around for a Ghost-like embrace. This jersey, and hilarious picture of Chicharito (likely taken a few weeks back) screams “Please don’t let David Moyes be coach of West Ham United…DAMNIT…AND can someone take us seriously, we’re actually good over here.”

Here’s the rest, which are all solid, but nothing that super stands out to me. Japan’s idea is cool, based on a traditional fabric stitching technique (the white bold dots represent it). Colombia’s has some flair but I’m not huge on the yellow they chose, not enough punch to it. Russia, well, Russia is exactly what you’d expect. Red, white, boring. What do you guys think let me know on twitter @hotfootynews