Khiry Shelton not cut but is wearing massive hat

Khiry Shelton was decidedly not cut from NYCFC over the past weekend while many of his venerated teammates were shown the quickest path to the 4 train, so he’s out celebrating doing things young dudes do like post selfies in their cars and say things like #BeReminded. It’s possible he’s also been aggressively removing the dandruff from his shoulders because that is one torn up sweatshirt. Or more likely he’s one of those cool youths who buys everything ‘distressed’ because nothing says authentic like buying the allusion of memories. Or, it’s just an old ass sweatshirt. Either way, I don’t mind it, it looks comfortable and torn sh*t is always sorta cool (tho much cooler if you ripped it yourself). But let’s get serious on this hat selection. Khiry, is this a #tbt to first day of middle school? Photo opp at the local 4H club? This hat is large and in charge and is worn stunningly low. I hope he’s not driving because that’s got to impede your vision. Maybe he’s having a bad eyebrow day who knows. Regardless, Khiry, you’ve been put on notice. Let me know what you think in the comments.