adidas just can’t stop killing it this year. On top of an already impressive run of ACE17 and X16 releases, they dropped the Champagne Pack on May 2nd and rekindled the glory days of Predator Mania from back in the 90s. These are just straight up ridiculously sick. They come in the ACE17+, the X16+, a delicious ACE16+ UltraBOOST, and a so sneaky but so classically good Copa! I’m so excited I used an exclamation point, that’s how you know it’s good. Hoff gives these 5 Hoofs out of 5, which is a first for the HotFooty blog. Congrats to adidas for this excellently executed throwback release which brings classic sensibilities to modern elite technology.

Good luck finding these puppies:

Beckham with ACE16 UltraBoost Champagne

Beckham looking like he’s about to fill this shoe with gold coins

Did someone just say I wasn’t the most attractive man in Europe? Blast Him!

These are so sick and so is this ad: bless up adidas

Here’s adidas soccer genius and VP of Design Sam Handy in the new UltraBOOST ACE’s:


🍾🎉💥 champagne supernova 💫 #neverfollow

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