What a mess. Argentina beat the USMNT 4-0. It wasn’t just a loss it was a jittery, panic stricken, “what am i doing with the ball?”, disorganized, planless, awful excuse of a performance. Not the first time and probably not the last time they played like they forgot every single thing that was ever taught to them. Not just with respect to soccer I’m talking like general ability to see space and the concept of velocity and direction. The entire display was disjointed with no sense of togetherness. Nothing to grab onto and no base to dig in from and grind out some minor wins on field and turn the game in their favor.

Brad Guzan – in the grand scheme of things Brad Guzan played OKAY throughout the tournament. Unfortunately this is a game of instincts, razors edge decision making, and the outcomes for a goalie are typically binary. And there were a lot of 1’s popping up in the Guzan game play stream. Fitting that his rating is also a 1.
Rating: 1

DeAndre Yedlin: don’t remember much from Yedlinny and that’s a good thing
Rating: 5

Geoff Cameron: fine in the back line and made me yearn for his midfield return after the switch
Rating: 6

John Brooks: another very solid performance. victim of a diabolical ball/run from his opponents. zero question he is an automatic start
Rating: 5

Fabian Johnson: overheard during the game: “has Fabian Johnson been on a soccer practice ban since the World Cup”
Rating: 3

Gyasi Zardes: put the pedal to the metal on the frustration levels. Swung in an unbelievable cross, singular.
Rating: 4

Michael Bradley: in all seriousness can we get Bradley an eye check? Or do one of those reflex tests to make sure everything is production ready? I watch him play sometimes and its like he has selective vision, or his blinks take too long.
Rating: 1

Kyle Beckerman: asking me about Kyle Beckerman’s performance is like asking me how I feel about Ozzy Osbourne’s new stuff
Rating: 2

Graham Zusi: contributed as much in this game as the barista that mixed up my iced venti blackeye this morning
Rating: 1

Clint Dempsey: you expected more of a presence from Clint in this one. If he sees the game going horrible wrong, he needs to do something. Dont care what it is, just break up whatever that awful flow was.
Rating: 3

Chris Wondolowski: the worst part of Wondo is if you read his nightly journal entry from June 21st, 2016 you get the feeling he’d be perfectly satisified with the work he put in. Saw him during the national anthem and he looked like he was online at TCBY. Knew right then we were in extra trouble.
Rating: 1


Christian Pulisic: nice to see him, looked a little outmatched at times. would like to see a start in the consolation game.
Rating: 3

Steven Birnbaum: is there a suggestion box i can toss a ‘permanent life ban from the usmnt program’ suggestion into for letting that ball run across him at the end there?
Rating: -2

Darlington Nagbe: alwasys a tough situation being brought on in a game like that.
Rating: n/a