The sun has set on NYCFC’s 2016 season, and boy was it a memorable one. From Villa’s prolific goal scoring to Lampard’s saunter into the squad midway through the season all the way to Saunders benching for the playoffs there was a lot to remember from this year. To commemorate these momentous occasions, I’ve scoured the dirty filthy internet and found the worst NYCFC memes of 2016. None of these were created by us, and I’ve given credit where I can. For the love of Pirlo though, what the f*ck are these?


brought to us by expectations for a club in its second year of existence? Cool, cool.


brought to us by I don’t even know what to say here. NEXT


remember when this was a thing? Steve Harvey just can’t catch a break these days.



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“face palm” – people who say face palm out loud instead of just doing it. whatever, moving on.



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For the love of God what is this post? Are we even trying anymore?

#5 halfway through hell


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This is almost OK, but for some reason the quality of it ruins it completely. moving on


i actually don’t hate this one. seriously gfy red bulls.


It’s not the meme itself that i’m unsure about, it’s the actual joke. like what is the joke. what is it?



I normally like the 6thBoroughBlues guy, but i just can’t accept this meme I’m sorry.

and here it is, #1, the worst meme.