Soccer Mascot Monday: Scrumpy the Robin of Bristol City F.C.

I watched a documentary about one of my favorite actors this week titled Becoming Cary Grant this weekend. It explains the life of a boy named Archie Leach who moves to America and creates a whole new life under the name Cary Grant. Despite becoming an American citizen a piece of Grant always remained in Bristol City. So much so that the directors of Bristol City F.C. invited him to visit the club to create a little buzz back in the day.

Anyways, Cary Grant is often regarded as the best dressed male in history that is why I was so shocked to find out that Bristol City’s mascot is this guy…

Scrumpy The Robin

Team: Bristol City F.C.

Town:  Bristol, England

Home: Ashton Gate (Capacity: 27,000)

League: The Championship

Current Position: Ended 2016/17 Season in 17th place

Key Features: Traffic Cone Nose, Waldo Hat, Wings of a fruit bat.

If Scrumpy is any indication of the fashions of a Bristolian, I understand Cary Grant’s desire to shake it up and cross the Atlantic. He looks like an old fashioned baseball mitt.

There is something lovable about Scrumpy though. Someone this awkward is doomed to be picked on. Which makes me sad to report that one of the only videos I could find of Scrumpy was of him getting blasted in the face with a ram horn…poor little guy.

Bristol City has a few rivalries like Swindon Town that City fans refer to as “Swindle.” However, Plymouth Argyle are also considered rivals. The two clubs have competed for the “Best in the West” title as they are both in western parts of the country. Personally, I think Plymouth Argyle’s Pilgrim Pete is just confusing Scrumpy for a Thanksgiving Turkey, which is going to stir up some drama like brown gravy in mashed potatoes.

Anyways, I think scrumpy just needs to swap his Bristol Kit for a Ted Baker suit. Do it for Archie!

P.S. Here is a scene from one of my favorite Cary Grant movies: Philadelphia Story