I don’t know about you but, I am ready to start associating Mexico with hearty food, fast paced music and Chicharito again. Unless we are talking about CONCACAF Champions League or World Cup qualifiers I don’t think about Mexican soccer for one second, let alone their mascots!

Club América has been the dominant club in Mexico and are full of pride…much like their mascot.



Team: Club América (est. 1916)
Town: Mexico City, Mexico
Home: Estadio Azteca (Capacity:87,000)
League: Liga MX
Current Position: 12th pace (as of 1/13/17)
Key Features: Strong Brow, Jagged Feathers and 80’s Aerobic Leg Warmers


Agui is a pretty intense eagle. No wall is going to stop him from coming to the U.S. One short hop and a wing flap and he will be up and over that thing before you can say Las Águilas. 


Below is video of Agui visiting the StubHub Center. Note the 33 second mark when he sharpens his talons and picks up girls on the beach like he’s picking up a wounded brook trout in a shallow puddle. So much testosterone in this guy it hurts.

The eagle has swagger, no doubt about it. It doesn’t hurt when your club is the most successful in Mexican football history with 16 league league titles and 7 CONCACAF Champions League trophies.

América won their 7th Champions League last year but did not qualify for the 2016-2017 Champions League and it is not looking good so far this year. They have lost 3 games out of their first 6.

Sharpen those feathers Agui and clear your mind of those American Girls…get focused.

#SoccerMascotMonday…the series formerly known as #EnglishMascotMonday…Introducing the U.S. to the World’s Great Soccer Mascots.