So everyone has seen the ridiculously precious Messi tippy tap surprise that occurred yesterday.  Messi lines up for the penalty shot, jogs up to it gently, and then sends the poor goalie to therapy for years when he declines the invitation to shoot and passes it gracefully to Suarez who bashes it into the back of the net. What sass that Messi has! If you haven’t somehow seen it, here it is:

What makes this so much better is that Suarez, the absolute maniac goal fiend that he is, apparently stole that goal from Neymar.  I love that aspect of the story. Suarez probably could not handle the fact that he wasn’t involved in the trickery and just carped his own diem big time. Can we please sit back and think about this madness for a second? What is that conversation like after the game between Suarez and Neymar?

Neymar:  Hey Luis, what was that move back there? I thought we agreed on me taking that shot?

Suarez:  Oh I do apologize, good old friend.  Really I was feeling a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ back there. We’re in good spirits together though now surely my dearest companion?

Neymar:  No. That’s crap, dude.  How’d you like me to steal a goal from you?  I even told my hair stylist I was gonna score on that and she’s pretty upset with you.

Suarez: Yes

Neymar: What? Yes? What does that even mean?

Suarez: *Bites Neymar*


Almost certainly how it went down. If you think Neymar is just full of it, check out this video from a different angle (skip to about 45 seconds in)

It’s clear that Neymar gets a huge running start to bang this thing into the net but Suarez is just faster! Absolute craziness and I love it. Keep doing you, Suarez, because the world is entertained.

P.S. we know this had nothing to do with MLS or EPL but it’s just too good not to talk about.

P.P.S. why on earth did Liverpool let Suarez go? A few bites here and there I mean c’mon!