Tim Howard questions patriotism of certain USMNT players, stirring up old arguments between Danny and Hoff. Believe it or not a resolution was reached. Let it ring from sea to shining sea! Premier League had some ugly moments including an ejected Arene Wenger and sloppy Liverpool defense. At least Rooney scored his 250th goal in a DASHING kit.

HotFooty Soccer Podcast Episode 34 Show Summary

– Tim Howard accuses some players of not truly playing for country
– MLS Preseason has begun
– Kit reveals
– Who is back for NYCFC, who is not
– CONCACAF Chapionss League changes
– English Premier League
– Quick trip to “Relegation Station”

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Last weeks game was “Choose your Mascot” – Eric the Cameraman picked Kevin Doyle

This week : What’s the most embarrassing thing a fan can do at a game?

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve seen a fan do at the game? Use the #WorstFan and we’ll read our favorite ones off on our next podcast.


Tim Howard questions patriotism of certain players

Tim Howard walks it back


– MLS has a rule that says you change the home or away jersey each year, alternating year by year.

Atlanta United announced their inaugural kits back in Nov

Portland revealed their new Home jersey on Jan 11

Philly away kit released Jan 23

DC United tease their away kit,

NYCFC 2017 home kit leaked back on Christmas… by some random dude?

Other MLS Stuff

NYCFC Pre-Season Training Camp roster
Where is Mix? Like literally?

CONCACAF Champions League changes

English Premier League –

HotFooty’s Best 2017 Premier League Jerseys – Ranking All 20 teams

Hull City? More like “Skull City.” Midfielder Ryan Mason fractures skull against Chelsea

Arsene Wenger was sent off the touchline for screaming at the ref and then when they sent him to the tunnel he “pushed” the fourth official. Potential 5-10 game ban. Has until the end of week to appeal.

Watch as the Eagle establishes itself as the alpha bird to defend it’s mating grounds… 

This Firmino strike was the only bright spot for Reds as they were pecked by the Swans…

Wayne Rooney’s 250th…did he mean to do this?

Who cares? It’s beautiful.

Is Pep the worst motivator of all time or just f**king with us?


Relegation Station

Bottom of The Premier League Table 

I forget West Brom is even around…poor guys. Welcome to the HotFooty show notes though!


League Championship table changed during recording of Episode:

This table is hilarious even though I admittedly don’t get all the jokes…#honesty



A UMSNT founding father has spoken! In him we trust.