I wasn’t even going to post on this game but things got a bit out of hand. Probably my favorite part was when Miguel Herrera and Torres on Panama are discussing the late penalty feverishly on the sidelines while fans throw bottles and crap on the pitch. A solid ten minute delay while they picked up garbage, footballers, and coaches from the pitch. This is after Tejada took forever to get off the pitch earlier in the match while the fans pelted him with stuff. C’mon people, let’s be real here, don’t throw stuff on the pitch or at players. It’s not classy and that water bottle you just threw was probably a third full still which in any stadium might be costing you a solid $3. You wouldn’t throw $3 at Luis Tejada would you? Well, maybe you would, but that’s rude.

Anyway, Torres popped one into the net around the 57th minute which shockingly put the 10 men Panama team ahead. Things weren’t looking too good for Herrera’s squad until a near miracle in the 89th minute saw Torres fall into the ball which was somewhat strangely called a penalty. I don’t know about you but I think that’s a pretty fortunate call for Mexico. Regardless of the refereeing shenanigans, nearly 12 minutes later Guardado slotted it home neatly to tie it up. During that 12 minutes, by the way, Herrera and Torres saw it necessary to sit hash out their thoughts on the recent Greek crisis. It’s not obvious from the telecast but it’s a good guess as to what they were talking about.

Extra time saw more yellow cards for everyone on the pitch basically. The ref, Mr. Geiger, was handing them out just for funsies it seemed like. Not much really else happened in the first 10 minutes or so of extra time until Mexico got a few good chances via quality crosses from the left side. Mexico seemed to be breaking the game open a bit when Mexico received a deserved shot from the spot which Guardado put home confidently. The rest of the match was a mess. Lots of penalties, lots of rushing of the ref post game, lots of Fox sports analysts freaking out.

Feature image courtesy of Nori.U (license)