Welp, they did it.

Not much to add to the conversation at this point.

This is a phenomenal feat for a club that was playing in the third league of English Football (League 1) during the 2008/2009 season.

Below is the current top 10 in the English League 1:

  1. Wigan Athletic
  2. Burton Albion
  3. Walsall
  4. Millwall <– Made famous in Movie Green Street Hooligans Starring Frodo Baggins
  5. Bradford City
  6. Barnsley
  7. Scunthorpe <– Home of Scunny Bunny and my favorite League 1 Club
  8. Gillingham
  9. Coventry
  10. Sheffield United

If that does not bring the point home, check out this Tweet:

Any critics saying that this team somehow got lucky or that this is a sign of the weakness of the Premier League is a cynical Scrooge. This team clicked. It doesn’t always happen, even in championship teams. When it does you have to sit back and appreciate it and realize that sport is more than statistics and strategy.

Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez are certainly going to attract the eyes of larger clubs and they will probably take the pay check down the road. The names Leonardo Ulloa, Danny Drinkwater and Shinji Okazaki may fade as time goes on but,  LCFC fans will hold a place in their hearts for them. Much like Red Sox Fan’s do with Bill Mueller and Alex Cora…exactly.

All that being said, congratulations to Leicester City. You deserve it and as a Liverpool fan I hope you fail miserably in Champions League.

Pretty cool to see these guys watching together and clinching the title as team. No egos. No overpaid “Superstar” strikers. No busts..all boom!

Is that a double fist pump from Vardy or is he about to pop his collar? Discuss.

I leave you with a list of the most successful English teams in history.

  • Hint Leicester City is not one of them.
  • Note: The Premier League was not established till 1992. Before that it was the First Division Title.
    • 1992 Ross Perot ran as an Independent that year and Clinton won election
    • 1992 Gasoline was actually free, people paid you to use their gasoline.
  • Note where Liverpool is on that list…I was there for 0 League Titles. Onward and Upward Reds!