The MLS Season kicks off this weekend, and one of the biggest games on the board is the LA Galaxy vs DC United. The Galaxy has definitely boosted the squad in the offseason as well as their Propecia budget. DC United, well, they’re all over the place.

What’s new in Washington

DC lost a few key pieces this offseason both permanently and temporarily. Vet Chris Pontius took off to Philly, keeper Bill Hamid busted his knee, and Perry Kitchen bounced for contract reason. Hamid busted his knee up and is out about 3 months , but Perry Kitchen, one of their most promising young guys at only 24, left for greener pastures. Literally. He’s heading to Scotland apparently to help the old squad Hearts do whatever they do in Scotland. It’s a bit of a surprise move considering he’s a pretty decent star in the MLS and supposedly turned down a nice deal to stay at DC. Regardless of why it happened, Kitchen will be riding a sheep this weekend.

DC United has made a few decent moves to fill the gaps.  A few wily vets are joining the squad with the signing of ex Galaxy star Marcelo Sarvas and former Seattle star Lamar Neagle. After a brief stint in Colorado, Sarvas was dealt to DC and is expected to start right away. He’s a family man, seems like a good dude, and sure has had success in the MLS, but he’s getting up there in age and likely isn’t a long term solution for the club. Neagle on the other hand is in the prime of his career and although he lost his starting spot towards the end of his time in Seattle, he had shown what he can do there over the last few years.

DC also picked up a few interesting newbies.  One of the more curious but potentially exciting signings is 5’3″ fireball Luciano Acosta on loan from Boca Juniors in Argentina. Guy is a total wildcard but he’s shown huge promise. Look at this banger from his Boca club

Best part of the clip is actually the guy behind the net at the end just having a great time watching that goal go in. Or is it the music where some guy is singing about soccer? Either way I dare you not to watch that clip 12 times in a row.

The Galaxy are literally a team of stars

Do you feel like the Galaxy just don’t give a sh*t about growing a culture within the team. Does it feel to you like Bruce Arena just wants to stack his deck as much as possible for one last run to the MLS Cup? Then you’d be right, because that’s exactly what he’s doing. Don’t get me wrong, the team is probably going to be really good. They’re stacked with former super stars as well as good young talent in Zardes, Boatang, Lletget, and Dos Santos to name a few. So what could go wrong? Well, basically everything. Have you ever watched an all-star game and witnessed the mass confusion that happens when players who barely know eachother on the pitch get together to kick it around? This is the current Galaxy squad. This was on full display just recently against Santos Laguna in the CCL when they got spanked 4-0. Who knows how this will shake out but most likely it will end with at least a playoff appearance.

HotFooty prediction: LA Galaxy 3-1 DC United

I’m pretty sure the Galaxy are going to turn it around pretty fast. They just have way too much talent and experience on the team. They’re also about as solid as you get for an aging defense. Nigel De Jong would rather kick you in the neck than go to brunch in Soho. He has started off his Galaxy career rather properly I feel with this light tippy tap against Santos…


He could have easily ruptured this guy’s Achilles or at the very least given him the worst flat-tire of 2016.