U.S. soccer fans have been focusing on Copa America and less on MLS since the two began playing simultaneously earlier this month. Then you add the best quality of international soccer, the Euro 2016, and you have a vortex from which not even David Hasselhoff could rescue you from in his prime.

It did not take a soccer fanatic to draw the conclusion as soon as the first Euro game kicked off that the quality was a notch above Copa America.

This is a Copa America that displayed a Messi hat trick in less than 30 minutes and a percolating USMNT mind you.

Find below a quick ranking of Soccer events going on:

  1. Euro 2016
  2. Copa America Centenario
  3. MLS
  4. EPL Rumor Mill

What man could possibly make MLS relevant at this moment in time? What demigod of hair?

Ladies and Gentleman for one moment, albeit brief, the most beautiful soccer came from MLS’s Andrea Pirlo.

Also, the fact that this was called in the following manner pains me:
“There goes the deception, Pirlo the shot, and what a goal…there it is!”

So, humor me while I try to call this goal:




Just like Villa, Pirlo is learning the english language. He isn’t going anywhere!

Is one of the best to ever play game in the MLS? “Yes, right here.”