Hey Joe, lets let it happen organically. Ok?

After kicking a winning penalty over Stoke City Joe Allen said,

“It means so much, We made it difficult for ourselves , but in some ways, that makes it more exciting.”

Mamamdou Sakho whiffing a slow header off a bounce and watching the ball land uncontested in the box is technically exciting. As in, I just dropped this open faced turkey sandwich on the floor will my dog beat me to it exciting. You’re eager to find out what the hell is going to happen next.

Let me state for the record there is a difference between good and bad excitement.

Being down 1-0 because your defense is looking around like they just woke up from an erotic dream and then winning in PK’s is bad excitement.

Being down 1-0 because the other team executed a stylish offensive attack but eventually pulling through and winning in PK’s is good excitement.

On behalf of fellow Liverpool supporters let’s shoot for keeping the excitement to consensual bedroom activity and my spice rack for now and just focus on winning some games.

Personally, realizing I have half of an italian sub in the fridge from yesterday when I come home starving is all the excitement I need.

The last two exciting wins for Liverpool were miserable to watch. Period!

Anyone happy with those wins is living in the moment and that is not what a Legacy club is about. We need a future..Champions League!

Leave the scrappy, stupid wins to Everton please.

Did the Schmos who won the Powerball celebrate as much as Liverpool did after Norwich?