HotFooty Podcast Episode 3 with Show Notes – Week of April 11th, 2016

On this edition of the HotFooty Podcast Danny,Dice and Hoff  introduce “The Premier League Corner” where they work to embrace the reality of Leicester City and the fate of their respective clubs. Danny is blocked from gloating about Liverpool Leg 2 – Europa League win over BvB. Who is at risk for relegation and who is destined to rise up from The English League Championship? MLS most crazy moments are discussed as well as the week ahead. Jay thinks Dempsey does not own a JetSki and Hoff wants to send DeJong back to Europe. The podcasts ends with the typical NYCFC ramblings…hey, it’s the only team the three share allegiance to.



        • Leicester City still on top and we all have to just embrace the reality that this is happening and accept the location of our respective clubs on the table.
          • Hoff’s Arsenal (3rd – 59pts) continue to slide like a cheese skin off of a refrigerated pizza slice. Young players excite him.
          • Dice’s Man United (5th – 53pts) is humbled and he flip-flops periodically between throwing stones and giving praise. He is sticking with LVG based on “glimpses” of greatness and not wanting Mourinho.
          • Danny’s Liverpool (8th-48pts) is riding high on a Europa league upset against BvB but,  they still have to beat some tough matches to get to Champions League.   #OnlyHope #LastChance
      • Who is at risk for relegation to the English League Championship?

  • Who is coming up from The English Football League?


    • Standings
      • Seattle vs Philadelphia Union and the state of Seattle
      • Toronto sliding down the table
      • Portland Timber’s vs. San Jose
      • NYCFC  vs. Columbus Crew
        • Danny predicts a Villa Brace and a 3-1 win
        • Dice predicts a 2-2 draw
        • Hoff predicts 30-0 win