Happy Memorial Day everyone. It’s the time of year where hotdogs and beers are consumed by the masses while watching local parades and MLS. Memorial League Soccer. And what a beautiful weekend it has been so far. There were hat tricks, Pirlo assists, Pirlo defensive whoopsie-daisies, Villa slips, Joao Plata dinkers, Toronto stinkers, Drogba last gaspers, everything you can think of. Oh yeah and FC Dallas tied SJ Quakes for the Quakes’ second straight horrendously unentertaining draw. BORING. Start shooting as soon as you get across the halfway line from now on please, thanks.

NYCFC blow 2 goal lead, crap pitch ruins Villa’s day, Pirlo goes from magnificent to magnificent but not playing defense. 2-2 vs Orlando

Look at the magic on this pass. Pretty sure Harry Potter passed notes to Hermione in class with the same kind of pizazz.

At what point does Villa just tell NYCFC ownership to shove this field up their a$%

This is NYCFC blowing it. Watch Pirlo, he literally has no energy to get to his man to try and stop the equalizer. He’s too cool to care, understandably. But man did that suck for fans.

Oh and Brillant scored, so the world is fully confusing now and no one is sure if tomorrow will even come.

Drogba makes goalie nervous, goalie makes mistakes, game over. 3-2 vs LA Galaxy


  but this earlier goal was better


Colorado blow lead on late stoppage time stunner. 1-1 vs Union

This was not one of those gritty grind em out wins. This was a give up a crap goal late type of day
Side note, this is the best MLS social media could do with this:

Unabashedly cheesy, more power to you.

Poor Seattle lose to NE Revs on stinker from outside box. 2-1 Revs



Even worse for Portland, who doesn’t beat the Fire? 1-1 who cares


red bulls now goal scoring machine from new jersey, bWP fastest hat trick this side of the mississippi. 3-0 they wanted 7

newer better Kamara scores hat trick for Crew, confounds everyone, Crew squeak out 4-3 win against RSL