This is episode 1 of the HotFooty Videocast, and Hoff and Dice attempted to get it done in under five minutes (for a variety of technical, financial, emotional, spiritual, theological reasons). Please excuse the crap video feed, especially on Hoff, we’re unsure why he looks possessed by the soul of a Digimon.

  • Dice and Hoff give eachother the “Would You Rather” treatment.
  • Dice has big things to say about Colorado over Seattle, but then confuses everyone with a wardrobe malfunction selection. Hoff counters with absolutely no substantial information but a sassy score prediction.
  • Hoff puts out a buffet of goals for the NYCFC vs Red Bulls game this weekend
  • Dice wants to wrap up NYCFC and protect it like Bitchy the Hawk protects her nest (which is presumably made from pizza crusts found at the park)
  • The Premier League is OVER.