Welcome to HotFooty’s Copa America Mexico preview. From now until the Copa America opening game on June 3rd HotFooty will be profiling the top teams entering into the oldest tournament in the world. Off the top of your head do you not know anyone other than Chicharito? Neither did I, let’s learn together!

Mexico – Team Info

Team nickname: El Tri (The Three, Green,White,Red)

Current FIFA world ranking16

Home stadium: Estadio Azteca

Copa America wins: Goose Egg

World Cup wins: None, best finishes were in 1970 & 1986 where they reached the quarter-finals (they won 2012 Olympics…thats something)

Randomest Fact: Those were also the two years they hosted the World Cup.

Biggest Rivals

Seriously do you need to know this? Hint: This rivalry is “yuge!”

Mexico has faced The U.S. 65 times and have bested the “Boys in Blue” 33 times along with 18 draws. Mexico also has a significant edge in goals outscoring their northern foes 131-75.

It is a new American century in soccer though and in the 2000’s the U.S. has had the edge 13–6–5.

Featured Player to watch

Javier Hernandez (F – Bayer Leverkusen):

He is commonly referred to as Chicharito which means “little pea.”

At only 27 years of age this striker spent his formative years with Manchester United scoring 37 goals and he joined Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen in 2015 where he has scored 17 goals.

Hernandez’s speed and stature allows him to find space in the box and is willing to dish the ball. Playing along side Ronaldo in Real Madrid while on loan from MU in 2014 helped him in that regard. He knows to keep his head up.

Bayern Munich has had their eyes on “The Little Pea.” If he shines in the Copa his stock will be rising and he knows it.

Other Players to Watch

Surprisingly LA Galaxy’s Giovani Dos Santos declined the call to Copa which would have made for an interesting one-two punch with Chicharito. But we need to look to the defenders as they will be the biggest factors in keeping teams like Chile, Uruguay and Argentina at bay.

Hector Moreno – (Defender – PSV Eindohoven): The anchor of the defense Moreno is currently one of the few players who plays in a non-Spanish speaking country; in the Dutch Eredivise where he helped bring home a league championship. He is 6ft tall and very athletic and I am predicting 2 goals off set pieces. He was also part of the last two World Cups so he is a very experianced 28 year old.

Rafael Marquez  – (Defender – Atlas): Marquez is 37 and was an outspoken hater of the MLS referring to his decision to join the Red Bulls in 2010 as the worst decision in his career. His time in MLS was tumultuous to say the least, as it was riddled with suspensions and injuries. He is an icon in Mexico though, due to a successful career in La Liga with Barcenlona. He has represented his country in the last two World Cups.  He could be used to as a holding midfielder to disrupt long shots on goal.  If anyone could spark up some nonsense playing against the U.S. it’s this guy.



Game to watch

Mexico takes on Uruguay June 5th. Each team brings heat like a smoke stack at the Siracha factory. They have split wins in their last two meetings 1-0. Suarez will definitely not be available for this game but, you know who will be? Javier “Chicharito” Hernández  smells weakness and good pop off in this match up.

If you’re trying to go to travel to any of the group games and want help booking , check out this site for tickets and travel info. Or you can always go ticketmaster for tickets if you don’t need all the extras.