We’ve got Argetina tonight at 9pm EST. Like Courtney Love’s blood test report, we all know what they’ve got and where they’ve got it. That said, it is very tempting to fire off a text to my good friend Jurgen Klinsmann recommending we physically attach Johnny Brooks to Lionel Messi’s left femur or deploy a dynamic circular defensive strategy with Messi at the center. Luckily, however, I’ve recently re-watched the movie A Beautiful Mind:

Lionel is the blonde. Higuain, di Maria, Aguero, Lamela, Gaitan are her friends. Circle up on Lionel and we’ll get burned by the collective others. Applying a more balanced approach across their entire elite attack force has to be the move.

We have the advantage over other nations in employing this strategy. The USMNT won’t easily be dazzled by any one player, e.g. Lionel Messi. We’re not easily distracted by shiny objects and our internet tempers reduce our inclination to become star struck. You won’t see any player fall into a catatonic gaze at extreme excellence. We frequent warm rooms containing over popularized folk and intimidating elegance on the reg. We have an entire industry dedicated to spaying studs, whats another handful?

By no means can we set out expecting to beat Argentina. Very much the same sentiment about 95% of other teams in the world would have right now. The beauty of this particular match though, is you can envision a path in which we do come out victorious. This path has credibility not just because its a nice thing for everyone to imagine but because we’ve been preparing and building for it.

Now bear in mind the Alejandro Bedoya, Bobby Wood and Jermaine Jones are out for this game. This is very discouraging and one may lose hope. Personally I love it. Stack the odds up like all-you-can-eat pancakes at IHOP.

We the people need to believe that we can pull this off. That is the X factor in this game. U.S. fans need to go crazy! There is a reason for the chant.

Oh Danny, you are crazy Argentina is the # 1 FIFA ranked team in the world and they are stacked…and they have arguably the best player that ever lived. Am I crazy?

Please find below a few examples of America overcoming the odds and shocking the world.

Kerri Strug locking up the gold medal in the ’96 Olympics with a busted hoof

U.S. Hockey beating Russia in the 1980 Winter Olympics “Miracle On Ice”

U.S. Soliders defeating the German Luftwaffe, Blitzkrieg and Japanese Kamikaze to liberate Europe.

Remember that one? That was a doozie 71 years ago.

Kelly Clarkson, a nobody, becoming a pop sensation and the first ever American Idol winner.

The highway to the #DangerZone is real. Our chances to pull off a historic win is real. If you don’t believe that we can win why would you even watch tonight?

This post was Co-Authored by Dice (Could you tell?)