Arsenal versus Burnley in the FA Cup on Saturday might prove to be an interesting test for both squads. Hopefully there is more drama than the last 5 times they met up in the FA Cup, as Arsenal has spanked Burnley by a total margin of 15 goals on route to five straight wins. Sean Dyche’s Burnley squad has been playing a bit better as of late though, and they are actually in a chase for the Championship title (the league below the Premier League). They may very well rest their starters, but with a tempting massive upset looming, I doubt Dyche will be so coy. For Arsenal’s part, after a disappointing run-in with Chelsea last weekend, the Gunners squad needs to convincingly bounce back.

The Gunners will be hoping to get good performances out of the usual chaps, but may be aided by the addition of a healthier Alexis Sanchez and a newly shined Coq. Francis Coquelin, the rags to riches tale, will likely have a shot at the field to get his legs back under him. You might remember his expert performances earlier in the season were frequently paused by the need to tend to a bloodied face or crooked knee.

Probably the most interesting part of the match for Arsenal fans will be if Wenger’s new toy Elneny gets out on the pitch for his first Gunner appearance. The highly anticipated 23 year old midfielder has impressed Wenger on the training ground so he might get out there and give Burnley the old Egyptian tango.

HotFooty Prediction:

I’m predicting a 3-1 Arsenal rout but wouldn’t be surprised to see a bigger spread between the two squads. With Arsenal’s talent they really should pull through the victor no matter who steps out on the pitch.

“I’m a goalie and I’m singing!” or is it more “Give my regards to broadway!”? Either way he’s fabulous and somehow saving Girouds attempt on net during Arsenal’s recent visit to Stoke City. I’m sure Giroud wishes his hair looked better in this picture, but what can you do? I know what you can do, Giroud, you can try harder next time.