What are you thankful for in the soccer world? Olivier Giroud’s beautiful forehead, Pirlo’s Instagram account or Jurgen Klopp’s toothy grin perhaps? HotFooty is certainly thankful that the USMNT coaching saga is over and we can all move on to MLS Conference Finals and Montreal’s Olympic Stadium embarrassment.  Special guest “Soccer Dork” discusses impact of windspeed on Jordan Morris.



We called this – seriously though what will Arena bring that Klinsmann didn’t?

What does this mean for players?


Iraola sneaking out the back door Irish Exit style while everyone was looking at Lamps.

Deloitte saying MLS needs promotion / relegation and MLS saying “WTF”  

What are our thoughts for the commissioner?

Soccer Dork discussed the impact wind speed has on Jordan Morris 

Montreal’s Olympic Stadium went from bad to worse as grounds crew has to repaint lines before kickoff #LineGate

In stunning display of investigative journalism HotFooty’s very own Dice uncovers the guilty party of #LineGate.

HotFooty In Depth Investigation Into The Montreal Measurement Mishap Of 2016

Full Breakdown Of The Paint Posse It Took To Fix Montreal Impact’s Field Last Night


Klopp watches Kiwis do Haka before 4 Nations Match at Anfield

Klopp Defends Rooney Drinking


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