Rafael Marquez is linked to a Mexican drug cartel, so Danny and Hoff discuss other active soccer stars that could be closet criminals. LAFC keeping unveiling things the same way, arms crossed with a head raise. Sporting KC is leading the west with defense while the offensive superiority is in Toronto, New York City and Chicago.


Rafael Marquez is kind of sort of a criminal…

Rafael Marquez is most famous in U.S.A. for being an MLS hater

LAFC Rocking the Hip-Hop Badass Vibe…and it all starts with Bob Bradley

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Dempsey says he feels like he already broke the record and basically says he’s better than Donovan. Do you agree?

Liverpool reject 100 Million Euro bid for Coutinho…is Coutinho really that worth it?

Neymar’s Crazy Deal with PSG