Seattle Sounders Physician, Dr. Morris gives son the rave-green light to play through the flu and repeated knee trauma. Rapids sent the tundra after Jordan’s knee and JMo won. Toronto FC happy to play at home where the lines are well painted and true. Liverpool loses Coutinho for up to five week with leg trauma of his own. Is Pogba to Ibramhimovic beautiful soccer or desperate soccer? Checking in on SkyBet Championship to see who may be coming on up.

HotFooty wants to offer our thoughts and prayers to Brazilian club Chapecoense and to all the families and fans who lost over 70 people today in a plane crash. 

MLS Conference Final

Seattle dominates the Rapids through 2 legs and Jordan Morris is left with 1 Leg.

April 19th

12th Spot : “Much better overall performance from Seattle this week against a fiery Union team. JMo Smooth scored his first goal and everyone promptly lost their minds over it. There were some other bright moments of good, instinctive play from Jmo Smooth but I still maintain he is way too technically erratic to be trusted with being the main goal scorer for this team.”

May 24th

15th Spot: Would prefer to see Clint Dempsey in better scoring form heading into the Copa America. That said, you couldn’t find a happier guy in the country than Jurgen Klinsmann after Jmo Smooth went scoreless again.

September 27th

11th Spot: After Jordan Morris’ second goal the LA fans were seen throwing alcoholic drinks in his direction. Which is a normal thing to do to a celebrating 21 year old but they forgot he lives with his parents and has 4 full sized golden retrievers.

Garber thinks Cincinatti should have a team…

Beat writer predicts MLS pro/rel based on potential closing of NYCosmos

English Premier League

Chelsea on top…I don’t think any of us wanted this.

  • Beat Tottenham 2-1

Liverpool makes it far to interesting against Sunderland…Coutinho’s hoof exploded and is out for 5 weeks.

  • Ben Woodburn youngest ever goalscorer today 17 Years Old sitter cupcake

“Hoof it up  Prayer to Ibra” vs “Well executed pass from Pogba and even better timing from Ibra”…you decide at (fast forward to  1:10 mark).

Mourinho’s free kick of the year. Laces a water bottle gets sent off!

Tale of two managers?

Relegation Station as of 11/30/16

Anchoring the Premier League

Hull City (11), Swansea (9), Sundy (8)

  • Swansea vs Crystal Palace Shit Show
    • Fernando Llorente two goals in stoppage
    • Bob Bradley hugs the shit out of CP manager  Alan Pardew

Where are the other promoted teams?

League Winners Burnley  in 13th place in Premier League

Runners Up Middlesbrough in 15th Place

  • Not far off the bottom

League Championship – Top two spots move up to Premier League

1.Newcastle (40)

2.Brighton and Hove Albion (38)

Playoff spots currently

  1. Reading (34)
  2. Birmingham  (31)(Beau Brummie clacker magic?)
  3. Leeds United (29)
  4. Huddersfield Town (29)

Last Years Championship Playoff, Where are they now?

2nd Brighton Hove Albion  (38)

7th  place Sheffield Wednesday (28)

9th Derby County (26)