NYCFC moves to Connecticut, Rooney loves Everton, Barcelona has lost its mind

Dice and Hoff are in the studio while Danny is on vacation. First topic is why NYCFC is moving a late September game to Connecticut and the missed opportunity they had. The guys talk about NYCFC and Vieira’s apparent practice for the Premier League as well as Timbers tifos and atmosphere. Of course on the docket is Rooney lighting it up at Everton and what on earth is going on over in Barcelona. What a crazy week for them.

What does a Connecticut MLS fan look like? NYCFC is going to find out


Villa and Lewis spur last second win

Vieira giving some Premier League talk a try

Rooney is on fire, Hoff thinks it’s because they met his ‘demands.’ 

Why do you think he’s picked it up?

Barcelona offering 200 trillion dollars for Coutinho, this market is F*kd

Barcelona get hacked, great week for them…

barcelona hacked

Pulisic the best at his age ever? Colin Cowherd (yes you read that right) thinks so: