MLS’ Deadliest Catch is Tommy McNamara, Concussion protocol? Fire vs Sounders was a mess, Premier League wrapping up

The HotFooty guys take on the hot topic of concussion protocol in the MLS, but start it off with a parody of Deadliest Catch featuring deep sea captains Matt Hedges and David Villa. Tommy McNamara may or may not be the deadliest catch. Danny enjoyed the Fire vs Sounders mess while Dice had to explain why the penalty happened. Hoff chimes in with the second Gashi goal call from the Rapids vs San Jose game, and boy is it a doozy. Hoff gets feisty when Arsenal is brought up, though Dice calms him down with his docile tones, and Danny relishes relegation station with hopes of a Sheffield Wednesday call-up.


Hedges Looked like Sloth from Goonies after this game

Ref calls encroachment on a PK during Soudners vs Fire 


Hedges you got something on your face…no a little to left..up a little..there it is.


TMac gets caught up in FC Dallas Net for equalizer. Is this Tuna TMac Free?

Chad Marshall look like he manages an H&R Block.

Ilsinho either looks like a poor-mans Ben Affleck or one of the Property Brothes