Oh baby. It’s here. Copa America kicks off today and what a joy it will be. USMNT vs Colombia kicks it off for the fans of the boys in red white and blue, and the HotFooty fellas have something to say about it. Do you think we’re jacked up? We’re here to settle that for you right now. Welcome to the #DangerZone.

  • HotFooty gives their thoughts on the potential lineup in midfield and if Nagbe can be the man.
  • Dice is convinced Perry Kitchen is Teddy Pendergrass or at least as smooth on the mic. Danny thinks he’s more apt to bake scones.
  • What type of chip is Pulisic?
  • What song would Bobby Wood sing to pump up the squad?
  • What pop artist is USMNT’s offensive strategy?
  • Does Klinsmann think Guzan’s head is actually a soccer ball?
  • Danny is fired up for something we’re not sure what. OH. YEAH. IT’S AMERICA.
  • Score predictions coming in hotter than the buttery tones of Teddy Pendergrass
  • HotFooty is proud to introduce, a new chant, for the discerning fan, the fan of America, the fan of all things American, and the fan of fans which say America when they spin because they’re so American. Have you ever seen a Snake riding a motorcycle while smoking a bald eagle which is smoking a cigarette? That’s how american this chant is. #HighwayToThe #DangerZone

super american picture - snake riding a motorcycle smoking an eagle smoking a cigarette