Interview with Mark from Seattle, Could MLS Form a “Super Team” and Can Bruce Arena Get a New Suit?

Danny and Hoff are joined by Mark from Seattle, a Sounders Super Fan who gives us an inside look on his team and city. USMNT pick up some points and Bradley scores a stunner. Bruce Arena’s suit however was less than stunning and it’s time we call a tailor.


Bruce Arena’s post game reaction: “it was good”

Patriotism A+, Leadership A, Suit B-

Michael Bradley and company is happy with their situation under Arena

Neymar is now a DJ?

Dude updates his own Birmingham City kit.
Is someones dad learning how to use the little league scoreboard?

Scorebored sucks…but hey they Christos FC got on the board!

I am not just the goal scorer…I am also the owner.