HotFooty Soccer Podcast Episode 4 with Show Notes – Week of April 18th, 2016

On this edition of the HotFooty Podcast we celebrate Christian Pulisic’s first Bundesliga goal. Jamie Vardy’s dive from grace get’s Dice excited for a potential Leicester dive in the table. The MLS referees are back to providing ridiculous moments as they draw red cards like your single Aunt Janice raises her Zippo when she hears “Open Arms” by Journey. Danny, Dice and Hoff review the week ahead in MLS including Seattle Sounders, Sporting Kansas City,Toronto FC and NYCFC.


  • Christian Pulisic scores his first ever Bundesliga goal.

    • This makes him the 4th youngest player to score his first Bundesliga goal.
    • Watch out Germany Pulisic is coming at you like Maverick in Top Gun! #USMNT #DangerZone
    • Nuri Sahin youngest every, 17 years old but 5 months younger.
      • Danny accuses Hoffman of overstating Sahin’s role at Liverpool as he had 1 Premier League goal.
        • Account for FA Cup he scored 3 goals… to quote Liverpool site: “The Reds beat Arsenal to his signature in the summer of 2012, with big things expected from the Real Madrid midfielder. However, he went on to play just 12 games, scoring three goals, before an agreement was made to cut short his stay.”

 An American spreading his wings and flying over Germany…flashbacks anyone?

 Chirp, Chirp, Squeaky Chirp!


 Jamie Vardy closing in on a ball,

  •  Relegation Station

    • Newcastle Draw Manchester City 1-1.
    • Norwich could slip up and Sunderland or Newcastle could breach like a pregnant porpoise into another year of Premier League Football.
    • Sunderland and Norwich both have to face Arsenal and are going to be playing for their lives and Hoff may snap.
    • Aston Villa officially fall into English League Football…Prince William is going to need to brush up on his facts about Preston North End and Wolverhamption.

 Something tell’s me this Aston VIlla supporter will cope…