HotFooty Podcast Episode 2 & Show Notes – Week of March 28th, 2016

      • Game 2 USA bounces back and crushes Guatemala 4-0

          • Defensive strategy of Guatemala #AlAutobus
          • Gyasi Zardes used like a backstop for 2 goals.
          • At least three “CouldaWouldaShoulda” goals in the game that could have made this 7-0.
          • Carlos Ruiz looked more mollusk than his “little fish” nickname would have you believe.

        Ruiz doing his impression of a sea Conch stuck to a rock.

        • A better line up from Klinsmann? What was different about this game?
        • DeAndre Yedlin and Bobby Wood flying in like Spitfires.
        • Game is locked and the announcers fall apart.

    • Luis Suarez returns to international play for the first time since his last “Shoulder Snack” Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini in 2014.

 “Yucky Yucky, that was not Parmigiano Reggiano, that was Pecorino Romano, Yuck!”

    • Kevin Doyle injury…DEAR GOD!

      • No way in hell are we including the picture or a link to it. It’s NSFL (Not Safe For Life).
      • Did Danny jinx him by comparing him to Jane Fonda,naming him his new favorite MLS player and then tweeting him?

  • Noteworthy MLS Week 4 results so far (the short side of the week).

  • MLS Week 4 games to watch (the remaining part of the week).

    • Sporting KC hosting Real Salt Lake
      • Can the top dogs keep the pace or will they be humbled by the Spanish Lake Dwelling Utahns?
        • Hoff’s Prediction: Sporting KC 3 – 2 Real Salt Lake
    • Seattle Sounders hosting Montreal Impact 
      • Seattle needs to show up and turn the frowns upside down.
        • Danny’s Prediction: Seattle Sounders 3 – 1 Montreal Impact
    • Orlando City SC hosting Portland Timbers
      • Portland will play under the sweet Florida rays at the Citrus Bowl…no chain saws to be had.
        • Hoff’s Prediction: Orlando City SC 3 – 1 Portland Timbers
  • HotFooty will not be podcasting next week.


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