Galaxy vs Timbers Twitter war, NYCFC new guys, MLS Week 3, a Loon was a bad choice

Danny, Dice, and Hoff were snowed in by Stella so they recorded remotely from their separate snowy locations. The boys give their take on the NYCFC game against DC United and what they like about the new guys so far. Danny delivers devastating news about what a Loon actually is. Minnesota United *probably* did not see it coming. Hoff loved the LA Galaxy Meme while Danny and Dice give their takes. MLS Week 3 games to watch. Some new gear popped up from adidas and the boys revisit some kit rankings now that the season’s started. EPL FA Cup final four is like the big boys of NCAA basketball squaring off, or not.


Hoff and Danny hit up the NYCFC game and froze their asses off.

Minnesota United FC may not realize what they chose for their mascot/logo. Danny searched what a Loon is. They’re not gonna like it.

Hoff loved the Galaxy tweet, Danny/Dice not so much. The guys discuss Portland and the social media team’s reaction


Hoff asks Danny and Dice a few ‘would you rather?’ questions.

MLS games to watch this weekend. Dice and Hoff are going to NYCFC vs Montreal. Look out for us.

Gear / Style

The boys agree the new Mundial Team sneaker from adidas (not pronounced moon-dial, apparently) is sick in all black

adidas Team Mundial and where to buy

The kit rankings are briefly revisited as Danny is liking the color green more and more these days.

Hoff talks about his ‘worst kit’ from when he was a child. Though if he’s being honest, it was a favorite when he was a kid. We dug up one of the old logos, though we think this may have been after Hoff was on the team. The patch though was legit what we had though as kids. Both courtesy of (seriously).


The boys get into a debate as to whether the final four FA Cup teams are as good a matchup as Duke, UNC, Kentucky, Kansas would be as an NCAA final four