This is the last stop on this train. Please, check for your belongings, disembark the train and mind the gap. You’ve reached RELEGATION STATION.  Sadly, the Relegation railway has shut down for the summer and your captain, Danny, breaks down the final stop.  The MLS, as always, is a hotbed of red card activity, but the ridiculous moment of the week fell to an even higher calling, the Champions League finals. Pepe, watch your back, because you’ve got the wrath of Clattertongue following you to your grave. The boys break down some of the saucier games of the prior MLS week as well as what to do about NYCFC’s canny inability to blow it. There’s also a podcast-challenge on the line, and the fellas have to hope they don’t crack. Here you are, your HotFooty podcast Episode 9 show notes:

Relegation Station

  • The NYC Owls supporter group invited us out to watch the Championship playoff finals featuring Sheffield Wednesday vs Hull City. Danny went out to support the supporters as they gave it their all
  • Dan does not like that an orange team will be back to the Premier League

Ridiculous Moment of the Week (non MLS edition)

  • The shockingly sensitive face of Pepe brought about one of the raunchiest moments in sports history. The tongue flapping of Mark Clattenburg

MLS Rundown

  • Double red card in the Vancouver vs Houston game highlighted the full sass of Pro Refs
  • The HotFooty boys marvel in the double footed stomp which led to NYRB’s Gonzalo Vernon’s red card
  • Standings:
    • Philly top of the east, Chicago trailing at the bottom, NYCFC out of the top 3
    • Rapids hang on to first in the west while the bottom has remained unchanged almost all year: Seattle, Portland, Houston (who plays Dallas next and Danny Boy has a bet he’ll probably regret making)
  • Run downs of Week 13 results from the Rapids vs Philly, Red Bulls vs. Toronto, Montreal vs LA, and NYCFC vs Orlando
    • Zac MacMath’s last stop on his early retirement tour?
    • Bradley Wright Phillips had somewhere to be at halftime
    • Drogba did a lot of running. After the game
    • Pirlo to Villa was a Doppler radar’s wet dream, clouds forming with a chance of poise
    • Brillant is partially through his atonement
    • “If we touch it at the same time we’re transported back to Europe! Hurry!”

MLS during Copa America

  • Why does MLS put the teams and fans through this?
  • What should the players not on International duty be doing instead? The guys have some ideas

MLS All-Star voting

  • Danny’s got a dirty little secret