Red Sox vs. Yanks. Lakers vs. Celtics. Toronto FC vs Columbus Crew? Danny, Dice and Hoff Discuss the results of MLS’s “Rivalry Week.” Did it live up to hype? What will the Colorado Rapid’s do with Zac MacMath? New York City Derby is addressed from NYCFC’s collapse to the idiotic conduct of all NY Fans. U.S. Copa squad is announced and Jordan Morris is on the outside looking in. Manchester United sizing up Jose Mourinho on the heels of an FA Cup win. Sevilla runs through Liverpool and slams the door to the Champions League in Klopp’s face.

MLS Rundown

    • Colorado Rapids beat Seattle Sounders and maintain their dominance in the West.
      • Zac MacMath’s solid play why fix what isn’t broken?
      • Marc Burch casually stops a Dempsey header while leaning on the far post, Dempsey laughs.

 Oh am I in the way of your goal post? Thats a shame…NOW SCRAM!

    • Toronto draw Columbus Crew 0-0.
      • Altidore loss seemed to be inevitable as his ham strings are literally made of ham.

 Ahh I forgot to baste my hamstring with WD-40!

    • NYC Derby Debacle: NYCFC 0 – 7 NY Red Bulls.
      • NYCFC Collapses.
      • Fan chaos ensues in the cheesiest poser way possible.
        • Not enough animosity could possibly be built up in 2 years to merit this behavior.
        • How many of these guys on both sides  share allegiance to the Yankees?
        • This was more West Side Story and less Merseyside Derby.

Copa America USMNT Roster

  • Final USMNT Roster is announced and Jordan Morris is not on it.

Premier League Corner

Relegation Station