On this edition of the HotFooty Podcast Danny and Hoff tip their caps to Leicester City and Dice leaves his hat on.  Danny airs grievances with an early Festivas celebration defending LFC. Dice rattles off Jordan Morris jabs like a Gatling gun and Hoff defends Timber Joey as the boys run down Week 10 of the MLS.


Premier League Corner

Relegation Station

With only 2-3 games left in the Premier League and only one left in the English League Championship things are still percolating.

  • Newcastle jump out of relegation zone for the time being like Phil Mickelson.
  • Sunderland and Norwich in a hole and they just need to dig themselves out and pull Newcastle back in.
Promotion for from English League to Premier League


 MLS Ridiculous Moment of the Week

    • FC Dallas Goalie Jesse Gonzalez leaps into the net like a disoriented salmon who just got bounced off a rock by a Grizzly bear.

 MLS Week 10 Rundown

  • Colorado continues to put in good performances, is Gashi the breakout player of the year or is something else spurring on their success?
  • Seattle’s Jordan Morris, scoring goals all over the place, What has changed in Seattle all of a sudden?
    • Dice claims JMo has no poise and “couldn’t balance on the hood of a ’69 Cadillac Deville”

Jordan Morris Cadillac

  • The Timbers put in an excellent shift against TFC, and by excellent i mean their backup goalie had the game of his LIFE and Diego Valeri had a ridiculous free kick.
    • How long does it take “Timber Joey” to make one cut?