The MLS is a stage and like something out of Shakespeare Tim Howard exits stage right with a season ending injury and Zac MacMath drops in like Puck against Seattle. Will he rise to the occasion for the Rapids?


Episode 27 was recorded 1 hour before Costa Rica vs. USA…enjoy our sweet innocence.

World Cup Qualifier 

Nov 11th Mexico 2 – USA 1.

Tim Howard gets knocked out of game and therefore the MLS Cup Playoffs.

Tuesday Nov 15th

Costa Rica 4 – 0 USA 

This game was such a disaster we decided to do a “Knee Jerk” podcast about who should replace Jurgen Klinsmann and what the German should do when he leaves.

Conference Finals

Montreal v Toronto  – Tuesday, November 22, 8pm (MLS Preview Link)
Seattle v Colorado – 10pm (MLS Preivew Link)

MLS’s star keeper and American hero Tim Howard gets knocked out and the Rapids now reach out to their sidelined stud Zac MacMath.

The Prom Queen gets poison Ivy on her face and now you want to go back to your cute, sweet and loyal girlfriend.  Oh, how perfect she was when you actually took a second to think about it. Zac MacMath gets his chance at redemption.

We watched Zac MacMath as he remained steady as the shadow of Tim Howard loomed over the box. We coined the term #TimmyJitters and he threw it back in our faces. Now he gets a chance at sweet redemption.

If I am Zac this song is pumping through my Beats Headphones as I walk off that bus while Rapids fan’s try to high five me. Eyes forward, hands in pockets…all business like Tiger on the 1st Tee at the Masters in his prime!

English Premier League

Liverpool vs Southampton (Sat November 19th @ 10am)

Arsenal vs Manchester United – (November 19th @ 7am)