Sebastian Giovinco absent from the short list for MLS MVP. Sounders’ Jordan Morris and Nicolás Lodeiro are parting the clouds in Seattle. Review of MLS Playoff Leg 1 and a quick preview of the Leg 2. Danny and Hoff brag about Liverpool and Arsenal, while Dice digs his heels into Old Trafford. Relegation station is back!

Sebastian Gionvinco is stepped over like Fredo in Godfather II for MVP and MLS Associate Editor Benjamin Baer is pissed.

 Not even on the short list…vaffanculo!

Knockout Round Results – 4 down

Toronto FC 3-1 Philadelphia Union

LA Galaxy 3-1 Real Salt Lake

Montreal 4 – 2 DC United

Sounders 1 – 0 SKC


MLS Conference Semifinal – Leg 1

Montreal 1 – 0 NYRB – First time anyone has beaten NYRB in 1st leg

Piatti to Mancosu…beautiful!

LA Galaxy 1 – 0 Rapids

Toronto 2 – 0 NYCFC

Seattle 3 – 0 FC Dallas

  • Good game for Morris and even better for Lodiero
  • FC Dallas Missing Diaz
  • Pizza (PapaMurphys) and Haircuts (Great Clips)

Relegation Station in Stoppage Time? – +2 Minutes

Premier League

18th: Hull City (7)

19th: Swansea City (5)

20th:Sunderland (2 pts – 0 wins)

West Ham not far off in 17th…what the hell happened there?

English League Championship

1st:Newcastle (34)

2nd:Brighton and Hove Albion (31)

3rd:Huddersfield Town (28)

4th:Norwich City (27).

Keeping up with Aston Villa: 15th place (18 pts – 3 wins)

If you are Prince William, who are you supporting in Premier League?