On this weeks episode of the HotFooty Podcast Danny,Dice and Hoff grapple with the issue of maintaining their interest in MLS during a highly anticipated 2016/17 Premier League Season. Suggestions are made on how to keep both leagues on the front burners.  On the back burner, simmering slowly, is the English League Championship and it’s Premier League hopefuls like Derby County and Aston Villa. The boys randomly discuss which EPL stars would be useful on a deserted island.

  • Manchester United are taking on AFC Bournemouth and Dice defends a 4-0 score prediction for his club.
  • Danny and Hoff square off as their clubs look to get out ahead of one another in the hottest match up of week 1…Liverpool vs. Arsenal.


If talking about the bottom three of the Premier League is the #RelegationStation segment of our Podcast, what do we call our English League Championship promotion update…”Promotion Station”? We are taking suggestions:


The Podcasts ends with discussion this ridiculous Pogba Adidas ad: