In MLS FC Dallas and Colorado Rapids continue to separate themselves from the pack in the West. Eastward, NYCFC are reinvigorated by Frank Lampard and continue to keep Philadelphia Union and the Red Bulls at bay. Danny, Dice and Hoff try to figure out a new name for Lampard’s scoring because they can’t be called goals. Kevin Doyle of Colorado Rapids helps us plan a pub crawl in his home county of Wexford,Ireland with Robbie Keane of LA Galaxy. The boys dip their toes back into the Premier League by discussing the very busy Manchester United organization.

Random Thought: Former Wolverhampton Wanderers manager and now Ipswich Town’s, Mick McCarthy looks like Guy Smiley from Sesame Street’s “Here is Your Life!”



  • Suggested names for Lampard’s Goals
    • Danny: Oopsie bumbles
    • Dice: A Limpy Lampy
    • Hoff: A Foppish Frank

CONTEST: Send us your suggested name for Lampard’s goals and we will select our favorite name and the winner gets a Free Pair of HotFooty “The Essentials” Soccer Dress Socks.

Send your entries to or tweet us at @hotfootynews .
We will announce our winner next week during Ep.15 recording on 7/28/16.

  •  Hoff gives NYCFC 1/2 odds to the MLS Cup as he stares down Dice. Do you think he is serious or deranged? (Danny gives 9-1, Dice 6-1).

  • Timber’s Army put on one of the most extensive and horrifying displays of in this fandom in recent memory.



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