Danny,Dice and Hoff address the Messi drama and break down the Zaza mating dance. Danny Boy shares his experiance of watching the Euros in Portugal. While all eyes are on international play NYCFC managed to sneak into the top spot of the Eastern Conference. Timmy Howard starts in goal for the dominant rapids, replacing a guy who was doing really well…Zac something or other.


Copa America

Euro 2016

  • Danny Boy shares his experiance of being in Portugal¬†for the Euros

Lisbon Soccer Cafe

  • Wales knocks out the Belgians
  • Germany beats Italy in PK’s ¬†and Zaza treats us to a mating dance previously seen on Discovery channel after hours

  • France sends Iceland back to Iceland

MLS Week 17 Rundown

  • NYCFC on top of the east. Lampards impact?
  • Jordan Morris makes the highlight real with a great turn…Dice chalks it up to good luck and Hoff believes the young buck is improving.