If Danny, Dice and Hoff sound a little spiritless this week it’s because Lionel Messi is walking around with their ripped out hearts, download this podcast and lament in the loss with them.  Meanwhile in the Euro’s an Icelandic commentator yelps in ecstasy and soars to previously unknown levels of joy after their win over Austria. As Copa Final’s approach the boys try to figure how they are going to accept MLS back into their lives.

UEFA Euro 2016

Everyone that you could want in this tournament is still battling on

    • Spain advances to the Round of 16 (knockout stage) despite losing to Croatia
      • Spain Jerseys are atrocious

       “What did I get on this thing? Must be from the hot dog I ate…” – Sergio Ramos seemed to say

    • Ireland upset Italy and both advance
    • Wales won their group thanks to a tepid English side who failed to dominate.
    • Portugal keep tying people and Ronaldo throws a mic in frustration…who pays for that?

  • Belgium send Sweden and Zlatan Ibrahimović packing in his final international game

Ridiculous Moment of the Week

Straight from the Euro 2016 we get our RMOTW as the announcer for Iceland emotionally crumbles

Copa America

  • U.S. lose to Argentina
    • What Happened? Argentina is better than the U.S. The End.
      • Word Association game with USMNT players… Ex: John Brooks $5 Footlong?
    • Ezequiel Lavezzi break his elbow in a manner that reminds Danny of  “Tanya Takes a Tumble”

  • Chile beat Colombia
  • Argentina face Chile this Sunday, June 23rd 2016 at 8pm…big deal…


How do viewers get pumped up again for MLS after watching Copa and Euros?

    • Dice equates it to reentry from outer space.

  • Danny says its like coming back from vacation you just have to order some pizza and get right back in there
  • Hoff wants to re-watch all the sassy red cards given year to date in the MLS to remind him how much fun its going to be.