Danny, Dice and Hoff are like Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate factory…except instead of chocolate, it’s soccer they are overindulging in. Between the top notch UEFA Euro action and USMNT’s Copa America momentum, a soccer fan can easily get sucked in and forget the outside world. The HotFooty boys make their best attempt extract the jewels from all this action; unlike Germany’s Coach Joachim Low who treats his jewels like a Scratch ‘N Sniff. MLS is back, lurking like Gollum in Mordor till they receive the salvation of these tournaments ending.


UEFA Euro 2016

  • Check out HotFooty’s best goals of UEFA Euro 2016 –  Week 1.
  • France rolls over Romania like Nadia Comăneci doing a floor exercise.
  • England blows it against Russia in stoppage time.
  • Italy’s Graziano Pellè’s team looked almost as good as his hair as they stunned the #1 ranked Belgium side.
    • On the other head, Fellaini’s team looked better than his hair…but that’s not saying much.

 Ridiculous Moment of the Week

  • Germany’s Coach Joachim Löw does a terrible, terrible thing. (NSFL – Not Safe For Life)

Copa America Centenario

  • USA takes 1st place in group A over Columbia .
    • Now Ecuador has to take Exit 1-A to  Highway to #TheDangerZone
    • John Brooks and Brad Guzan held it down but USMNT has to decide how fill in Yedlin’s spot.
  • Haiti and Brazil exit stage right as Peru and Ecuador win Group B.
  • Mexico and Venezuela move on in Group C as Uruguay is left nibbling on cheese rinds.
    • See below video compilation of Luis Suarez Copa Centenario Highlights:

  • Group D as predictable as your morning urination as Argentina and Chile move forward to the quarter-finals.


  • MLS is back in action and let’s be honest you have the best players in the world right now playing each other.  Messi is scoring hat tricks in 20 minutes.
  • HotFooty will try it’s best to pull MLS along over the next month so we are prepared to receive them again as our much needed regularly scheduled soccer programming.