Dom Dwyer Goes to Orlando, MLS passes on $4B, USMNT but Bruce Arena steals show

Money is flying all over the MLS as Dom Dwyer moves to Orlando for a record breaking $1.6M and MLS passes on a $4B offer. Bruce Arena has been putting on an Off-Broadway performance during the CONCACAF Gold Cup . David Villa reaches a point of physical an emotional exhaustion against Chicago Fire.


Dom Dwyer traded to Orlando. Big timing everyone: 




MLS apparently turns down 4B offer that would have mandated promotion and relegation

    • 143 million per team over ten years vs potential risk of being relegated. I don’t know
    • Silva sounds like a super villain, just makes an offer that they’re not even allowed to consider




David Villa is the man of the week. Look at this game from him (all clips are Villa): 

  • Him bossing Schweinsteiger is best moment in clip, followed by his slide tackle to prevent a cross. But what wasn’t shown on this clip, which happens right before the part at the end where it looks like he’s hugging a fan, is when he’s sobbing on the sideline

More proof that Brillant is everyone’s friend: 






  • Reggae Boyz is one of the best team nicknames. New team nicknames for USMNT?


El Salvador bites and nipple twists their way to a loss:


USA beat Costa Rica 2-0 on Saturday – highlights: