Saying Goodbye to Frederic Brillant

I’m going to clear up that headline right away. Frederic Brillant is alive and well. The NYCFC central defender we loved to hate but also kind of just loved has packed his bags for greener pastures. Washington DC and the DC United will welcome our beloved Belgian after being traded by NYC for $75,000 in General Allocation Money and a 2018 international roster spot and a satchel of Moules-frites. We’re really going to miss Brillant over here at HotFooty. He provided us endless entertainment at center back. Whether it was heroic goal line clearances, epically bad passes to the other team, giveaways that led directly to a goal for the opposition, missed headers in the dying minutes to give up an equalizer or winner, or just plain getting outrun by bigger stronger faster players, we will miss him. But there’s also something else I, and what I imagine is most of the NYCFC players, will miss about him; he was a team guy. You know that in the locker room he was giving guys really thoughtful handshakes, particularly earnest head nods, quivering thumbs ups with an ear to ear grin. You could tell that the rest of the squad thought of Brillant less of a player but as a friend and confidant. I just don’t know what the squad will be like without him.

Thank you Frederic Brillant for the effort you put into making meaningful and lasting friendships at NYCFC. Thank you for the effort put into this team. And thank you for being you.