San Jose ‘Quakes 0 – 0 NYCFC

So it’s way too late for me to be up right now considering I have an 8:45AM tee time, but nonetheless I watched the NYCFC vs San Jose Quakes game and it was a barnburner, as in I wish I had watched it while inside a burning barn. I could barely stay awake as the NYCFC midfield dumped long pass upon long pass on the offense and Villa was basically rendered ineffective by the stout SJ back line. Can I say something that’s damn near blasphemy around here? Pirlo had a bad game. His passes were errant and he seemed rushed all game. Three successful passes into the final third, none of which amounted to a shot. Check the stats it’s all there. There, I said it. and now I’m so so sorry, Pirlo, I love you. Moving on.

The ‘Quakes definitely had the better chances, but Wondolowski and Gadoy couldn’t finish them. Here’s my impersonation of Wondolowski interacting with a waiter at Olive Garden: “Sir, are you going to finish that.” – Waiter. “No. I can’t finish my breadsticks and I’ll never amount to anything more than a salad eater” – Wondo. “Ummm, what.” – Waiter.

Enigmatic goalkeeper Josh Saunders seemingly saved and almost lost the game at the same time. He had some incredible saves to keep NYCFC in it, as well as some questionable positioning choices which nearly lost them the game. Overall though I’d still give him Man of the Match due to simply saving shots when nearly everyone else on NYCFC did nothing. That’s a bit harsh actually, as Frank Lampard, Mendoza, and Maxime Chanot all played decent, especially Chanot. The new guy had some great stout play on the back line, including a late game slide tackle in the box on Wondolowski which really Wondo should have put away (highlight below). Lampard also fed Mendoza a beautiful ball into the box late but Mendoza’s fairly well struck shot was saved by SJ’s keeper, Bingham.

Here’s some highlights from the game, which ended in a 0-0 tie. Thriller!

Chanot’s very well timed slide tackle. This guy is the real deal. learn more about him here:

Wondo hits the post, but I’m still not convinced he wasn’t offsides here. Also, CLASSIC EN VIVO GUY PRE-GOAL WONDO CALL. Can we get this guy on the podcast?

Frank maybe should have scored here, but would have had to have been a world class chip to beat Bingham. No #OopsieBumbles tonight. Sad.

Great downlow save from Saunders to keep it square. #BaldsStickTogether