We’ve hit critical mass. The inflection point has occurred. We’re at a tipping point. We’ve got too many pickles on the sandwich. We’ve left our laundry in the washer for too long and now it smells like a chicken wing that’s been stuck inbetween your car seats for a few months. Get what I’m trying to say here? Me neither but now I’m hungry for some wings. I guess what I was getting at is that theres only four weeks left in the regular season for most MLS teams, and it’s DO OR DIE time for a few of them. Here’s some big games that you should try to catch to witness the playoff hunt firsthand.

But first: Some games you should watch that aren’t as important to the playoff hunt:

  • NYCFC vs Chicago – 8pm EST – Friday Sept 23. Look, Frank Lampard is gone so we’ll be #OopsieBumble-less this weekend. But I fully beleive Tommy McNamagic and the Funky Bunch can get NYCFC’s Uber from Mid Town East to Mid Town West this weekend
  • Vancouver vs Colorado  – 7pm EST – Saturday Sept 24. Colorado can’t score to save their lives right now, but Timothy LockBox Howard is there and they aren’t going home from Canada without a win. Could be interesting just to see Howard stonewall about 50 shots from Piatti and then let one miraculous one in just for fun.

Toronto FC vs Philadelphia Union – 5pm EST – Saturday, September 24 – MLS Live, TSN2, The Comcast Network

Oh baby do we have a Big Mac here. Or should I say Royale with Cheese? Regardless of your flair for the debonair, we’ve got a great game with a lot of implications. Toronto are only 5 points back of Supports Shield leading FC Dallas. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, the Supports Shield goes to the top team in all of MLS, regardless of what division they’re in (East or West). Toronto can potentially close that gap this weekend with FC Dallas having a tough game on their hands in Real Salt Lake (more below). With Jozy Altidore figuratively on fire, and Sebastian Giovinco and Mr. Bradley clicking, this TFC team is going to be literally hard to beat.

Philadelphia on the other hand, loves sandwiches covered in fake cheese. Not going to fault them for that, but it’s a reality and it’s something to be considered. They’re currently in fourth in the table and there are four teams within 7 points of them. They could potentially drop out of the playoff race with some bad performances, and as of late they haven’t been looking too hot. They’ve lost two of their last three with the other being a draw with one of those losses being a 3-0 drubbing by CHICAGO. Yeah, the team who is in very very last and is very very bad. Let’s see what the liberty-makers can do this weekend to right the ship and make Ben Franklin proud.

Score Prediction: TFC is at home, is crushing it like a 22 year old at $5 pitchers night, and will likely spank these Union loving Philadelphians right back across the border. 3-1 Toronto.

Real Salt Lake vs FC Dallas – 9:30pm EST – Saturday, September 24 – UniMás, MLS LIVE, KMYU, TXA-21, TWCSC-TX

This game is huge for Real Salt Lake who just came off a bad loss to the physically unwell Houston Dynamo. They are drifting down the table and currently in fourth, but have two teams right behind them in red-hot Portland and the Sporting men down in Kansas City. They could foreseeable drop out of the playoff race with Seattle having two games in hand on them and only down 9 points, meaning two wins for Seattle and they’re only 3 points back with four games to play. Let’s see what Mr. Face Save can bring to the table against the super potent attack of Dallas. It will likely have to be literally his face. I’m also expecting big things out of Burrito, and he’ll need to deliver because Joao Platta is potentially out with a quad injury.

FC Dallas has elected for next season to change their name to Poseidon’s Bitch Club, because they’ve scored a massive whopper of a fish in Carlos “Don’t Call Me Flounder” Ruiz. That guy is an MLS legend, a legend of the pitch and a legend of a…Fish. Expect him to get run out and help the already ridiculously prolific FC Dallas attack rip shots directly at the face of Nick Rimando.

Score Prediction: RSL is a bit depleted and down on themselves after two consecutive losses, but they’re a fiery bunch with a great fan base at home so it’ll be tough to predict this one. FC Dallas though is so damn potent on offense I can smell the goals from here…3-2 FC Dallas, high scoring affair for a high pressure match.

LA Galaxy vs Seattle Sounders – 4pm EST – Sunday September 25 – ESPN in the US, MLS LIVE in Canada

Could there be a bigger game in Jordan Morris’s career? Of course not he’s only played 28 games and he’s never had the PRIVILEGE of facing up against the one and only Landon “Number 26 in my program, Number 1 in my heart” Donovan. Also, if they don’t start winning ASAP they’re going to miss the playoffs and you just don’t miss the playoffs if you’re Seattle. Unless you want to piss off 50 thousand baristas. No way you want to do that.

Here’s how this game is going to go down. Jordan Morris is going to be all over the damn place, harassing defenders, staying on his feet out of sheer will, throwing his body longingly at crosses time after time as LA’s stout defense batters him back like a drunk dude you’re trying to give water to. But…and this is a big butt…Jordan Morris is going to score a game winner. GASP. I said it, and he’s going to be the away team hero. And Donovan is going to be PISSED but then be like “Hey good game out there today, really respected our opponent have to hand it to them. I’m a class act and a gentleman and I wish I was the president of the United States, don’t you, Donovan?” Ok that got weird.

Watch this game, no real explanation needed.

Score Prediction: 2-1 Seattle. Jordan Morris plus Nicolas Lodeiro = goals goals. Landon Donovan plus air = goal.