The MLS Playoffs are upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by knowing what the hell is going on in the games and then watching them. Unlike some bozo with no friends, you’ll be watching the games with the spirit of Hotfooty in your soul after you’ve read these blazing hot previews. For today, we’re going to cover just the games happening on Wednesday night. One step at a time over here. Step 1: Let’s get right to bootyslappin’:

Toronto FC vs Philadelphia – 7:30pm EST

This is Philadelphia’s first playoff appearance since 2011, and as we discussed on the podcast they barely got in. They snuck in at sixth place in the east by goal differential, beating out the New England Revolution. Philly’s goal diff was -3. Not inspiring stuff. CJ Sapong is probably out injured with a concussion  along with about twenty five other players. Right now their only hope is Alejandro Bedoya and their keeper  Andre Blake. They haven’t won in 7 games and they’re on the road to face Bitchy the Hawk at the Toronto thunderpalace. Not good. 

Toronto hasn’t looked so hot recently either. couldn’t hold onto a round 1 bye, and have only had 1 win out of their last five games. That being said, TFC has three of the best players in the league, including the reigning MVP and likely 2016 MVP Giovinco. He can easily dance three goals into Philly’s conga line at any given moment. 

Expect a lot of possession from Toronto during this game while they try to break down Philly’s defense and get quality shots on Andre Blake. Philly will probably try to break on the counter attack and pray they go up a goal early. Otherwise this thing is probably Toronto all day long. 

LA Galaxy vs Real Salt Lake – 10:30pm EST

Let’s put it this way, LA Galaxy has lost 1 home game all season. RSL on the other hand has not won a game period since August 26th (two months), and have let up the most goals of any western playoff team with 46 and the Galaxy have scored the most goals of any western team with 54. Other things to note, Plata came off for Burrito for the last game and apparently things haven’t been rosy between them and the coaches. “Playoffs separate the men from the boys” – Keane tells you all you need to know. 

The only negative thing going LA’s way recently is that since Landon came back with 5 games left in the season, LA have only scored 5 goals and been shut out twice…awkwardddddd. Either way LA should line up their spray tan appointments because they are headed for the second round. You heard it hear first (?) 

Enjoy the games and tweet at us if you like what you see out there. And as always #smashthepost