You know something strange is happening when you are watching World Cup Qualifiers and you start thinking “When do the MLS Conference finals start up?” Watching USMNT in a state of panic against Costa Rica was frustrating and down right depressing. So here we are Bruce Arena is officially in and Klinsmann is out. Jurgen don’t forget to kiss Heidi Klum on the way out, Auf Wiedersehen!

MLS Cup Conference Finals are tonight!

It is time to get back to the business of Major League Soccer.

Dice,Hoff and I are going to be in our Astoria,Queens studio cooking up our next HotFooty podcast as well as reporting live on Twitter and Facebook.


HotFooty Hot Take:

  • Dice is all in on Toronto and legitimately has been all year. I think he may love Giovinco more than Wayne Rooney and he thinks Montreal “STINKS!”
  • Hoff thinks Toronto is vastly superior and will dominate the game. “I don’t think Montreal has a chance to win this game”
  • I like a Montreal upset delivered by Nacho Piatti. Bradley and Altidore deflated by USMNT drama. If Montreal scores fast we will have a ballgame.

Piatti vs Giovinco could make for an entertaining evening.

SEATTLE vs. COLORADO – 10PM Watch live on FS1

HotFooty Hot Take:

  • We are suckers for the Zac MacMath comeback story and the Colorado defense has been slowing teams down all year. Their defense was good before Timmy Howard and we see nothing to suggest it will be worse without him.

Rapids need to keep Sounders at bay long enough to allow Zac to get settled.

USMNT go away. We will see you again in March…after we talk about Bruce Arena in next podcast…but then go away.

 USMNT find the exit that is our time now.