Arsenal defeated the MLS All-Stars 2-1 yesterday after a late goal from the 20-year-old Chupba Akpom.

Having the MLS Stars play a Premier League team in pre-season preparation, most definitely, ratchets up the intensity of the game and makes it watchable.

Before yesterday I was an advocate for “East vs. West” or “American Stars vs International Stars” format.

For the less than one half that David Villa played he basically stole the show. It was “Tonight Show with David Villa.” Before he and Pirlo left the game the  All-Stars were playing more in the style of a skills demo which I was fine with. As the younger American players came on it became a bit more orthodox out there.

The MLS All-Star defense fell apart like a soufflé in an amateur cooking class until Sacha Kljestan came in and provided a little support.

My two favorites moments for the MLS All-Stars?

  1. Andrea Pirlo played a sick ball to Giovani Dos Santos right off the batt.
  2. Giovnico flick off a goal kick. Stupid!

Andrea Pirlo and David Villa even made the game cool by leaving it early! That is star power.


If anyone is watching any All-Star game looking for the best quality and intensity they are just unreasonable human beings. Arguments can be made whether it’s worth risking injury or not but I guarantee you the league and it’s owners would not do it if it wasn’t worth the money.

So sit back, relax and watch them with a certain degree of low expectation.

Below I have ranked each leagues All-Star Game with my favorite corresponding highlight. Yes, a lot of them are Boston moments. Got a problem with that? You should start an All-Star game blog and leave me alone.

1. MLB All-Star Game

The MLB All-Star game was made interesting when it was altered to decide home-field advantage in the World Series.

It is hard to determine intensity in baseball as it is a sport that lacks it in contrast to others. So, basically your not going to leave your pitchers in for long and you will avoid taking people out with slides during an All-Star Game.

 2. NHL All-Star Game

Playing street hockey I would yell Iafrate before each slap-shop and hit a parked car about 20 feet left of the goal. Also, Ray Borque’s accuracy was always amazing to watch. We used to tie up paper plates to our net and shoot wrist shots at them. Someone would yell, “Car!” and then you move the net. I hate being an adult.

3. MLS All-Star Game

David Villa’s flying hug into the arms of Kaka is the perfect example of why the MLS All-Star game is fun to watch. Last night Drogba, Pirlo, Villa and Kaka were all playing on the same team. Only in America…or Barcelona.

4. NBA All-Star Game

The NBA All-Star game is played primarily like a Harlem Globe Trotters demo, but the Dunk Competition captivated our hearts for 30 years. Dominique Wilkins vs Jordan were amazing contests, but Dee Brown pumping up his shoes literally shaped me as a person.

5. The NFL Pro-Bowl

The NFL Pro Bowl looks like a U-13 Pop Warner game and they wear helmets, so you cant really even see if they are exerting any energy. I assume the players like a weekend in Hawaii with cheerleaders. I don’t have a memorable highlight because I have never watched it for more than 3 minutes.

The moral of the story is despite hating on it a little bit, I liked the MLS-All Star Game.