Who is Kevin Doyle? Glad you asked. Hey, what’s up, it’s Hoff. Each week I’m going to bring you a breakdown of someone from the MLS. This segment is called “Who’s this dude?” and it’s going to get REAL.

Kevin Doyle – Colorado Rapids Forward

A man of the people. A good lad. A bang on sniper in front net. The last young fella on the pub crawl. Never actin’ a maggot when polishing a pint of the black stuff. I’ve literally never said most of those words, but the kind folks in Ireland sure do when describing HotFooty favorite Kevin Doyle. The Irish international is having himself a season in Colorado, and it’s about time you get to know him. Let’s dig right in:

Full Name: Kevin Edward Doyle. 32. 

Country: Ireland. Delivered to this earth by a wet nurse at the penalty spot of the local club-team’s pitch (not true), he was born and raised in Adamstown in the county of Wexford in Ireland. There are more Rolling Stones songs than people in this town. Seriously. The population is 258. Who makes it from a town like this in a country literally thousands of miles away and becomes an international super hero to three guys from Long Island? Kevin Doyle. Can you imagine the records this guy must hold in Adamstown? Most beers drank while standing in town square. Most words said in a minute. Biggest burp followed by longest pause followed by second biggest burp ever recorded. Best haircut 1998. Most likely to never go back to Adamstown. Except KD (as we call him now), probably goes back to Adamstown all the time and chums it up with the local guys and doesn’t expect anyone to buy him a beer let alone remember his name. He’s just KD, local guy looking for a pint. He also recently won Danny’s award for player he’d most like to go on a vacation with, and low and behold, our boy Kevin suggested a slight trip modification.

Defining Physical Features: Pointed but confident jaw, whimsical haircut, hole in leg (see below)

Playing Career Highlights: There’s a lot. The guy’s been on the scene since breaking out with Cork City in 2003 at the age of 19. Quick math, he’s now 32 and still crushing it. Besides the Premier League and MLS, he’s made a lot of international appearances, but I’m mostly going to focus on his club career. First, his humble beginnings: After a short stint at Dublin team St. Patrick’s Athletic, he followed his recently departed coach, as a loyal young man is apt to do, to Cork City. He quickly rose to prominence at Cork, scoring 25 goals in 76 appearances, and making the transfer to Reading in 2005.

Then Doyle went nuts. He scored 19 goals in his first season with Reading, earning player of the year for the club and fan player of the year for the entire Championship league (English second division). He led the team to win the Championship league and secure promotion to the Premier League for the first time in club history. It gets better. He then went on to score 13 goals in his first EPL season, despite missing two months due to injuries, and was nominated for FA young player of the year. Despite being relegated after two seasons in the Prem, Kevin Doyle didn’t lose hope. He scored 18 goals for Reading in their first year back in the Championship and his performance earned him a callup back to the newly promoted Wolverhampton Wanderers.

KD’s time at Wolverhampton was all over the place. He scored goals at a pretty good pace when he was healthy, but his six years there were marked with a lot of knee injuries and a few loans. His best year there was his first, in 2009/10 when he scored 9 goals in 34 appearances after being signed for a reported then-club-record £6.5 Million pounds. His worst year was probably when they were relegated for a second straight year (had to bold it just so you know how seriously bad this was) and played in the League 1 (third English division) in the 2013/14 season. Can’t really fault him for it, but man that must have been rough. He finished out his time there being loaned out to Queens Park Rangers and Crystal Palace where he made a few appearances, but his time in the UK was about to come to an end.

In May of 2015 Kevin Doyle joined the Colorado Rapids at the conclusion of the Wanderers season. Thank the good Lord. Here’s why Kevin Doyle is a hero: In his first season with Colorado, Doyle scored 5 goals. 4 of them were game winners. Boom. In the first 15 games of the 2016 seasons, KD has 4 goals and 2 assists, scoring a game winner everytime you say the word Wexford. Oh, and he survived THIS:






The guy was back playing in basically no time after having a set of French doors installed in his leg. WTF! Poor guy can’t catch a break with injuries, but he’s back healthy now and we wish him the best (aka please no more nightmare inducing injuries).

To make up for that horrendous tweet, here’s a couple goals:

Claim to Fame: Outside of the stuff I’ve already said and the mere survival of his leg injury, probably his biggest claim to fame is scoring the game winner vs Kazakhstan in WC qualifying, though they didn’t end up making the final tournament. I found a clip of the goal and if it wasn’t for the quality finish I wouldn’t be showing you this bootleg nonsense:

He’s also got 62 caps and 14 goals for Ireland, so that in itself is impressive.

Bottom line Kevin Doyle is the man. If it wasn’t for a string of tough injuries who knows what his goal totals would be. Regardless, he’s still playing very well for Colorado currently, and you should drink some beer and root for our favorite Irish dude next time you find yourself watching the Rapids. We’ll leave you with this: