Who is Jack Harrison? Glad you asked. Hey, what’s up, it’s Hoff. Each week I’m going to bring you a breakdown of someone from the MLS. This segment is called “Who’s this dude?” and it’s going to get REAL.

Jack Harrison – NYCFC Forward

You’ve probably heard about young Jack Harrison by now. The young NYCFC rookie is tearing up the MLS in his first few starts in the league. But where did he come from? What inspired his haircut? What’s his preferred position? In bed? Well, I can promise you we know very little information about all that, but we can break down his soccer career. And I guess attempt a shot at haircut inspirations.

Full Name: Jack Harrison. Seriously, what is up with these no middle names.

Country: England. Considering he’s English it makes zero sense that he doesn’t have at least two middle names. Maybe even a second last name with the word Shire in it. To compensate, he was born in Stoke-On-Trent. That’s a real town with a real double hyphenated name. That’s more like it.

Defining Physical Feature: A bit early to tell, but it could be his one sided pompadour in the vaunted line of euro-hipster haircuts. He’s been sporting the David Villa approved hairstyle for some time, we’ve found evidence it existed pre-Villa, and personally I hope it continues into the distant future. Do you think one side of his head is always cold? Was the look inspired by a bald man with a slice of cake on his head? The ocean in the dark of night crashing on the sandy beaches of BeachtonShrimpShire?  Honestly I’m just jealous, because I could never pull this off.

Jack applauding his stylist’s incredible performance that match. No hairs were tussled during Jack’s man of the match performance against the Red Bulls. well done to all involved!

Playing Career Highlights: Well, he’s 19 so this is going to be a bit tough, but he’s actually done a good amount in his formative years. Ever hear of Manchester United? Harrison spent ages 7-14 learning to play at their youth program. At 14 he moved to the US. Ever hear of the Berkshire School in Massachusetts? Of course not, but Jacky Boy took them to the high school promise land three straight years while there, winning three state championships and earning himself Mass state player of the year and Gatorade National Player of the Year in 2015. That’s actually a pretty big deal, and he did all that while also making appearances for Manhattan Soccer Club, a youth development league which has since become a youth affiliate to NYCFC.

Here’s some high school highlights set to some BANGING CLUB BEATS:

He played one year at Wake Forest, becoming the only freshman all-american and earning many other the awards by scoring 8 goals and 11 assists in 22 appearances. Not bad. Here’s a little homemade highlight from his good old college days, complete with homemade slow motion:

He decided this whole American education system was a sham and bailed on Wake for professional footy. After NYCFC got some pushback from the MLS when they tried to claim him as homegrown, Jack was selected first in the 2016 SuperDraft by Chicago and promptly traded for the #4 pick and a bunch of allocation money (cash that can be spent on transfers). Unfortunately, Jack had a fractured pelvis (don’t we all) and missed the first chunk of his debut season, but since his first appearance on May 21st he has already earned an MLS player of the week and NYCFC player of the month award.

Jack and a Philly defender battling for a rare pokemon

Claim to fame: As of yet, he’s the youngest player in NYCFC history to score. Second claim to fame, or really just something interesting, is that he moved to the Berkshire school in Mass. by himself. His high school coach in England and his single Mom let him go there on scholarship to make sure he got a good education. Here’s a quote from his former coach Dan McElroy, who Jack actually thanked on draft day during a presser,”Not many parents can say goodbye to their kids at 13 or 14 and she was a single mum and they have a fantastic relationship and the success story is down to her selflessness and willingness to let him cross the Atlantic and explore the potential that he had.”

Welcome to New York, Jack.  I hope you score a lot of goals.